Scalp & Skin Antiseptic 8oz

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Use this tingling, pore opening solution to remove excessive oils and buildup from scalp. It helps control dandruff and relieves itchy scalp. Our multi-purpose antiseptic can be used as a dandruff treatment, scalp simulator or as an antiseptic for minor scalp and skin discomfort.


Bests used as a pre-shampoo treatment. 



Controls dandruff and soothes skin discomfort.


Hot to Use:

Dandruff Treatment or Scalp Simulator: apply desired amount to scalp with a cotton ball.  Massage thoroughly into the scalp for five minutes. Rinse and shampoo hair with Influance shampoo of choice, conditioner and style as desired.

Skin Antiseptic for discomfort: Use on scalp or skin for discomfort due to itching, heat rash, sunburn, and or windburn.  Apply directly to affected area.